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Chris newhard x founder, director

Chris Newhard is the Director for Booklight.

He is an American filmmaker based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His background is split between music and design, infusing the two when moving into music videos and docu-narrative work for the public eye. His transition from the music world made it easy to understand the natural pacing of a story, enriched by his ocd-tendencies with the technical side of filmmaking. His work has accumulated over 100 million views on national TV/Digital and continues to grow everyday. He is an active Director and Cinematographer and spends 6 months a year on-location worldwide.

After 9 years freelancing, he founded Booklight in 2017 as a means to produce and distribute both branded client work and original content.


jacob matthew x producer

Jacob Matthew is the Producer for Booklight.

Working with directors, producers and artists out of San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles, Jacob has a passion and expertise for leading creatives and producing film. Whether it be creating high end content for the world’s top brands, filming on a fishing boat off the coast of Maine, or working with musicians in the Vogue clubs of NYC, Jacob knows how to conceptualize and execute raw, honest content.


Our Process

As a Full Service Film Production Company, we value taking the time to connect with our clients in order to break down the often intimidating and overwhelming idea of building out video campaigns. We begin with Creative Development. Whether it be a Feature Length Film or a Marketing Campaign, our team spends time with our fellow producers and clients to make sure that every aspect of the creative ideation of a project has been fully fleshed out.

Next, we move into Production. This is where we schedule and execute the Film or Video Project that our team’s developed together. By creating a fun, professional, and stress free environment on set, we ensure that any film or video project is set up for the most amount of success by empowering people to perform at their highest potential.

Lastly, we have Post Production. In short, this is where we take our team of top notch editors and set them loose on crafting a timeless, finished product. Through editing, color correction, sound engineering and more, we fight for every second of film and video, in the effort to produce lasting content for the wonderful people and brands we work with.


We are a distributed team of talented filmmakers who travel the world non-stop for our clients. Over the past 10 years, we have been branding and shaping companies stories and marketing strategies. From agency videos and commercials, to feature productions, we have done it all… and we know what works!

We believe what makes our work stand out from all the rest is that we have a true passion for the powerful connections that lie in personal relationships. Over 90% of our work is done with clients and producers we have long term relationships with. We are passionate about helping producers, brands and creatives develop authentic stories that stand the test of time, and we have a blast along the way.


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