The Underhanded Free throw

Short Film

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The Underhanded Free Throw is a new short film from Booklight, that's written & directed by Cynthia Wikler. The short was shot over the summer of 2017, and is in the film fest circuit currently and will be screening throughout the upcoming 2018 year. 


The story follows a wealthy widow who, when confronted with a secret from her past, is forced to face some hard truths about herself.  Working with Cindy was a treat, as she really knew her vision and story thoroughly. Her diligence and writing style fit great with our style of visuals to deliver the most impact possible. It's a heartwarming tale that meets coming-of-age drama from a fantastic underground cast from NYC & Philadelphia. The film was produced by Paula Ann Kem, and edited by Booklight. Until its release, please enjoy some still frames.