Andre Clayton


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"For me, it's just another way of how I express myself"

Life for Andre Clayton is certainly challenging. When he was young, he became sick and it forced his mother to make the choice of a lifetime: Let her son deteriorate and die, or amputate his arms and legs to save him. 

Despite the doctors telling her he wouldn't make it past 18, she had faith and so did Andre. He built his strength, became resilient and diligent in moving forward, and went on to live a fulfilling, loving life. Through all of this, he pursued an even harder challenge: becoming a brilliant artist and illustrator despite having no arms or legs.

This short film was another partnering piece with the great VIMBY, a Los Angeles based agency that develops original content and stories. The film went on to win the Grand Jury prize in their annual VIMBY film festival, competing against hundreds of other fantastic short films. The film was produced by Rob Stoller and the beautiful original score was made by Marmoset artist The Earth & Arrow. This story was a privilege to tell, and an honor to work on.